It's time we tell our own stories.

A groundbreaking anthology that unites the voices of three generations of Black and Latina women executive leaders.

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March 2024 International Women’s History Month

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ABOUT THE Anthology

“Our Stories Belong in History” is a groundbreaking anthology that brings together the voices of three generations of Black and Latina U.S. women executive leaders to share their empowering untold stories of overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve and sustain success in a nation still grappling with systemic racism.

The book offers readers an intimate and inspiring portrayal of both the struggles and triumphs of women leaders of color in corporate environments, including proven leadership and entrepreneurship strategies that can serve as a vital resource for every woman aged 18 or older.

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From navigating the vicious cycle of work burnout to finding balance, liberation, fulfillment and true purpose, these stories resonate deeply with women from all walks of life–underscoring the boundless potential of women to be change agents, community pillars, and firsts.

Every woman deserves to hear these stories, share these stories, and feel empowered to stay the course, remembering how powerful women are, especially when we stand together, because the power of our oneness is undeniable.

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For too long, the narratives about our communities have centered on the hardships we've endured. Our Stories Belong in History takes back our voice to speak our truth — of the beauty we've nurtured, the wisdom we've gained, and the boundless potential we've cultivated through it all.

Our Stories” highlights the voices of three generations of Black and Latina women, celebrating their courage and perseverance as change agents, community pillars, and firsts. They were compiled so every reader feels empowered to build the life they want.

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“I went through every level of school with countless children, who as I saw it, were living double lives.”

“Behind the apartment building doors equipped with peepholes, single cylinder locks, and Jimmy-proof deadbolts were homes with parents who were raised internationally. "

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Ms. Nyoka Samuels-Gilchrist, a Jamaican-born, New York City-raised nurse and mentor, exudes inspiration through her journey in healthcare and education. Armed with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychobiology and Nursing, along with a Master of Science in Nursing Education, her academic prowess underscores her dedication to the field.

Her career seamlessly blends compassion and education, spanning holistic health to guiding nurses in onboarding and informatics across the United States. In her capacity as a bedside nurse, travel nurse, case and utilization management nurse, her diverse experiences enrich her mentorship.

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